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Artistic Chocolate Creations to Indulge Your Imagination!


ICA - International Award-Winning Handcrafted Chocolate 

Pai D´Égua

In 2020, our chocolate bar Pai d'Égua received a prestigious Bronze medal in the DACH region competition.

The International Chocolate Awards stands out as the exclusive international competition where chocolatiers present their finest creations.


Taste the Art : Lovable!
Sabeth Holland for Billy&Bugga Artsy Chocolates

Starting with "Lovable - First Collection" to proudly introduce a unique collaboration between Juliana Hassler, founder & chocolatier of Billy&Bugga and Sabeth Holland, who are both schoggi passionate, colour crazy and ready for an amazing new experience. Inspired by Sabeth Holland's sculpture "Sweet Lovable", they join the world of art with the world of tastes.

Together they created a precious collector's item in a limited edition of only 51 treasure boxes, handpainted and adorned with 23.75 KTS Gold by Sabeth Holland. Each box is an original artwork filled with 4 chocolate delights composed and handmade by Juliana Hassler of Billy&Bugga. And on top of that each chocolate is individually handpainted by the artist with edible colour in shades that are related to her "Sweet Lovable" sculpture.

You can feel the passion of both artist women in the vibe that comes from these photos. Don't you feel temped to taste these chocolate delights? Would you not want to start collecting the precious treasure boxes?


Our Bestsellers

Handcrafted in Switzerland

Each of Billy&Bugga's chocolates is a small masterpiece of edible art. Every bar and bonbon is meticulously hand-painted, hand-piped, and crafted from the finest ingredients. All fillings, centers, and inclusions are either sourced from top suppliers or created in-house using premium-quality ingredients.

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