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Hey, hello!

My name is Juliana Hassler, I am the founder and chocolatier behind Billy&Bugga Handcrafted Chocolates.

I am a "schoggi passionate", I love everything creative, exotic, tropical and especially I love colors.

I truly believe that colors make people happy!
That's why I  love to create new designs and flavors for my artsy pralines collection, there I dream up, hand paint, shell, fill and cap each one with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Welcome to my chocolate world!


Brasil em Aquarelas

Brazil is known for samba, barbecue, and caipirinha, but the sweets from our country can also take breaths away.

The chocolate collection brazil in watercolors brings with it everything brazil, from its exotic ingredients to the watercolor drawings exclusive to each package.

The collection is composed of 5 chocolates each one representing a region of Brazil in its tastes, textures, and history to show the wonderland that is Brazil and its rich culture.

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