Milk Chocolate 35% with Yerba mate biscuit
Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Yerba Mate Biscuit (35% Cocoa Content)

The South is composed of three states: Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. The South is the southernmost region of Brazil. Its attractions range from the historic jesuit ruins of Missões in Rio Grande do Sul, to the excellent beaches of Santa Catarina and the unmissable Iguaçu Falls in Paraná. The South is the smallest of Brazilian regions, and also, economically speaking, one of the most developed.

Mate is as tea-like beverage brewed from the dried leaves and stemlets of the perennial tree Ilex paraguarensis (“Yerba Mate”). It actually has ancient origins as it was introduced to the world by the Guaraní Indians. The name “Mate” derives from the quichua word “matí” that names the gourd (Lagenaria vulgaris) that is traditionally used to drink the infusion, usually though a long metallic straw called a bombilla.


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